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Setting Boundaries

How do I know that setting boundaries is the key to increased productivity?

Because I have tested it…  A lot.

In fact, I learned the value of setting boundaries the hard way when I experienced a work-related burnout in 2017.

I waited for too long to ask for help and it took me a long time to restore my lost confidence in myself.

From that time forward, I was much more intentional about what I was going to do.

And…  By no means am I perfect at it.

I had to learn how to say no.

I had to learn how to manage my focus and energy.

It was uncomfortable.  For sure.

But it has changed my life.


How to Get Started

Envision your ideal work day.  What are you doing?  How are you feeling?  When do you start work?  When do you finish?

Write it out on a sticky note.   It is important to keep this image in your mind.

For me, an ideal work day starts with a quiet morning of writing with a cup of coffee.

I also like to exercise in the morning; I find it energizing.

I generally start my work day around 8am and I finish by 4pm.

That’s not just my ideal work day, it is also my actual work day.  Why?  Because that is the way I have designed it.

And you can too.

Revisit the image of your ideal work day frequently as you work to actualize it.

Keeping this image top of mind will make decision-making easier and help you to prioritize.


Questions to ask yourself

What do I want to spend my time doing?

What am I actually doing with my time?  (Tracking your time for a week can help answer this question.)

Is this critical to my priority goal that I have set for myself?  (Especially when starting something new.)

How can I start to shift my calendar to align better with my vision for my ideal work day?


Get Help

If you would like help setting up your boundaries, sign up for a coaching session today.