I very much appreciate Kim’s supportive approach and non-judgemental manner. She listens attentively, and draws out the things I already knew, but couldn’t recognize without getting out of my own head.

Through the coaching with Kim, I was able to recognize that my overthinking is a form of procrastination which was driving the feeling of indecisiveness. The fear of failure and time slipping away is driving this inaction, which in turn caused stress and had a negative effect on my self confidence.  Until the coaching with Kim, I had never made the cyclical connection of these actions and feelings.

~ Wendy


I would absolutely recommend this type of coaching and Kim specifically. I was brought up thinking it wasn’t right to talk about money. Having the opportunity to look at my own money mindset really freed me up to begin a new relationship with money, not one of fear and lack, but one of abundance and creativity.

~ Andrea


You Are Not Alone on This Journey

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