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I believe that as we gain control over the management of our minds, we are able to translate this into the successful management of our money, our time, our energy – our overall well-being. We CAN take back control.

I know that an expectation of happiness 100% of the time is unrealistic; and in fact, this belief is limiting. Success means managing both the negative and the positive, and recognizing that you can’t experience one without the other. I have also learned that I can be successful in managing my own mind 100% of the time, so whether I perceive the circumstance to be negative, positive, or neutral, I can handle it. Although I can’t control anyone else, I can control myself. In the words of Gretchen Rubin, author of the “Happiness Project” book series, “If I’ve learned one thing from my happiness project, it’s that if I want my life to be a certain way, I must be that way myself”. Controlling my mind and the resulting feelings is the key to managing my overall perspective of my happiness and success. I can help you build the knowledge and tools to manage your mind in order to achieve this same level of wellness.

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