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Simplifying Your Business Finances

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Do you avoid looking at your business finances?

Avoidance comes about when you ignore managing your finances at all costs because it’s just too emotionally painful.

It keeps you stuck doing the same unhelpful things with your money and in a state of anxiety and guilt.

This can become a vicious cycle because the anxiety and guilt that comes with thinking about the state of your business finances drives the avoidance and fuels the internal narrative that you are irresponsible with your money, leading to more impulsive money decisions, driving the anxiety and guilt.  And so the cycle repeats.

I can help you interrupt this cycle and take back control of your business finances.

Let me help you simplify your money management.

Imagine having

    • A simple bookkeeping method to stay on top of your finances.
    • A pricing strategy that creates confidence.
    • An understanding of your current profitability, as well as a plan to improve it.
    • A simple cash flow management system.
    • A powerful sales strategy that creates more sales.

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2 hours, $297

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