Stress Management

Creating Calm from Chaos

We know that burnout is a state of chronic stress, exhaustion, and feeling powerless to make any changes.
The critical part of that definition is the feeling of powerlessness.
This feeling is what makes burnout so challenging to prevent and manage because it is defined by the loss of our belief in our power to make positive changes in our lives. 
We forget that we can take steps to manage and increase our energy.
We forget that we can make choices that serve us.
We forget that we don’t ‘have to‘ do all of the things.
We forget our agency.
And when we do remember, we feel like we don’t have the energy to get out of bed, let alone make any changes.
This becomes a vicious cycle:  when we forget about our power to make positive changes, it then reinforces the belief that we are powerless.

I am here to remind you.

You can set up and enforce boundaries.
You can create systems so that you don’t burn mental energy on the little things.
You can say no.
You can get more sleep and more rest and more exercise.
AND you can drop the guilt about taking care of yourself.  That is also optional.
You are worthy of your own love and attention.
You deserve to feel better.


Find some free resources below to help you regain control of your time, energy and calm.

Free Stress Assessment

Free Stress Assessment

The Stress Management Toolkit

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Stress Management Toolkit

When you are feeling overwhelmed, the last thing that you need is MORE to do.

Check out the ‘Stress Management Toolkit’ for some tips on managing and decreasing the stressors in your environment.

  • Start small
  • Ask for help
  • Take care of yourself

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