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Creating Physical Energy

3 Tips to ‘renew’ physical energy

Our energy is a renewable resource and our lifestyle choices have a significant impact on our energy levels.  Starting with simple changes to boost your physical energy can fill your reservoir to help you focus on creating energy in other areas.


1. Sleep

    • High-achievers are sometimes guilty of sacrificing sleep, and breaks, with the idea that they can get more done when in fact, sleep deprivation makes you less productive overall.  Play with the idea that rest makes you more productive.  It’s all about quality of work time, rather than quantity of work time.
    • Sometimes we feel too busy to check in on our physical health.  Before making any significant lifestyle changes, it is always good to rule out an underlying condition that could be affecting your sleep.  Making time to consult with your medical professional is productive time.

2. Nutrition

    • Stress-busting foods can work to cut stress hormones that take a toll on our energy levels over time.
    • A lack of vitamins and minerals can trigger headaches and fatigue.   A great way to change eating habits is to introduce more vegetables into your diet (rather than a focus on cutting things out, which can feel more like deprivation).
    • Dehydration causes fatigue and increased levels of stress hormone.  Staying hydrated means staying energized.

3. Exercise

    • Exercise increases your body’s oxygen-carrying capacity, which enables muscle cells to produce more energy.
    • Exercise enables your body to release hormones and endorphins that make you feel energized.
    • Exercise aids in better quality sleep.  Studies show that regular aerobic exercise increases the amount of time you spend in deep REM sleep.

Check back here for tips on increasing emotional energy.

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