Peaceful Productivity

Success without Stress

The Benefits of a POWER Productivity Mindset


  • Less stress and less risk of burnout
  • More engagement and enjoyment in your work
  • More energy to do the things that you want to do
  • More time to spend on connection, creation, passion
  • More accomplishment of higher quality deliverables
  • A reputation of reliability and trust

Coaching Can Get You There


Whether it is getting an organization system in place to help you manage all of your priorities, or developing your EQ skills to go after that next big opportunity, I offer the one-on-one coaching program to help you get there.

Take your performance to the next level.

Check out Coaching with Kim to find out more.

Empowered Productivity

Discover the POWER Productivity program for getting more done, in less time, with less stress.


  • Clarify what is important and set objectives
  • Leverage your strengths to increase your effectiveness
  • Prioritize to support your goals and drive results
  • Customize your strategy to help guide your work
  • Increase your EQ skills for effectiveness

Getting Organized

  • Apply the reframe tool to drop the stress
  • Setting up systems to keep you on track
  • Becoming decisive and letting go to simplify your schedule
  • Create boundaries and saying no
  • Eliminate clutter to increase efficiency

Taking Action

  • Focus on self-care to create more energy
  • Tap into your intrinsic motivation to get started
  • A method to manage stressors in the moment
  • Eliminate distractions and find flow
  • Identify your leadership style to motivate others
  • Weekly coaching sessions to keep you on track

Can You Imagine a Life Where

  • You were confident to take any action
  • You accepted mistakes without judgment or fear
  • You were comfortable with discomfort

What would be possible at this point?

You could literally accomplish anything.

This is within your grasp.

The only thing holding you back is your habitual limiting thoughts.

This habitual limiting thinking leads to things like self-judgment, procrastination, perfectionism, and people pleasing, leading to more feelings of overwhelm, guilt, and frustration.  It becomes a self-perpetuating cycle.

It IS possible to interrupt and change this cycle of unproductivity.

Check out the 5-week POWER Productivity Coaching Program.  This program will help you to discover the mindset tools to identify and change your habitual thinking and create your success.

Create Your Life on Purpose

Stop living your life on default.

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