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Get rid of feeling overwhelmed, stressed out, and stuck

With coaching you will tackle the mental obstacles that are holding you back.

It’s time to stop beating up on yourself, take back control, and move confidently towards your goals.

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It feels like your brain has 100 tabs open…


You have heard it so many times.  “Just try this app, system, or planner and you’ll be more productive.”  You get your hopes up but the wheels fall off the day your child misses the bus or a new issue pops up.

Your mind whirls, you’re stuck in reactive mode and you can’t seem to get everything done.  At the end of the day, you have no energy left for family, friends, or fun.

Something has to change.

Hi, I’m Kim

I am a productivity coach.  I work with people just like you.  People who want to shape their lives, not just react to what comes at them.  People who want to get off the ‘task list treadmill’.

Together, we tackle your productivity challenges by digging into the mental obstacles that are keeping you stuck.

Through coaching you will feel more confident, empowered, and excited to move forward and create the life of your dreams.


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"Kim will help you recognize the behaviours that are holding you back from reaching your goals and identify the tools that will help you build your future. If you're ready to build the life you've dreamt of, I would highly recommend talking to Kim. It is a life-changing experience."

~ Wendy

How we can work together

One-on-One Coaching Program

We’ll identify and tackle your limiting beliefs, how they’re holding you back, and playing small.

We’ll strategize the best ways to manage YOUR time, money and well-being for the long term so you can go after the life of your dreams.

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Peaceful Productivity Membership

This membership is like a 24-hour gym membership for your mind.

Training and tools on a wealth of topics such as enhancing your well-being, increasing your income, and managing your time.

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"We can't do everything alone. We need support, especially around learning how to grow ourselves. Having the knowledge of what informs your decisions is invaluable. Kim can really lock into stories that you have, assist in dissolving them, and ultimately freeing you."

~ Andrea

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