Peaceful Productivity Online Class

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This 4-week online class is designed to help you reduce stress and increase your results.

What you’ll learn:

  • Take control of your mindset and energy levels to increase your productivity
  • Apply the concepts to accomplish a 4-week ‘real life’ goal
  • Create an action plan customized to your personality and style
  • Test and learn new strategies for scheduling effectiveness

At graduation, students will enjoy more control over their schedules without the stress.


Kim ensured that she shared the most essential knowledge needed to transform our habits without making us feel overwhelmed by the amount of it.

June 2021 Student


Are you overwhelmed by having more things to do, than you have time to do them?

This is the class for you!


Recognizing that your time is your most precious resource, this 4-week class is designed to efficiently deliver the information in weekly 1-hour sessions.

Starts August 11th!

** For those unable to attend the Zoom classes live, replays will be made available the same day for viewing ‘on demand’.


Included in your registration, you will have access to your own private Peaceful Productivity class website that includes all of the “Success Without Stress” worksheets, class replays, bonus videos, and much more.

The weekly live class format is designed to enable enough time to apply and practice the concepts between sessions.

Special Bonus!  Included in your registration is a private coaching session.   This session can be used anytime during, or after, the class to identify specific obstacles, strategize next steps, and create a personalized action plan.

Pricing    $47


I attended the Peaceful Productivity online class with Kim in June. She is passionate about helping you become more productive and she shares her tools for effective work and everyday life strategies. She helps you find the balance to be able to accomplish your goals.

June 2021 Student


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