Business Coaching Options

Ready to grow your profit?

I work with business owners who want to increase their profit, optimize their time, and enjoy the process of building a scalable business.

We can work together in a few ways – check out the services below to find the one that best suits your business needs.

Coaching Options for Small Business Owners

There are three ways to create more profit in your business.

Profit Strategy Session

When you don’t get the financial results that you were expecting you start to feel like nothing is working.  This can be discouraging.

It can also prevent you from taking an objective look at your financial results.  Without monitoring your results, you end up making decisions based on your gut, rather than solid, data-driven business decisions.

In this session, you will get clarity around your financial goals and a simple, quick way to monitor your results to maximize profitability.  You will also learn the “Pay Yourself First” easy cash flow management system to ensure that you never run out of cash.

2 hour session, $297

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Private Coaching Program

Do you find yourself too overwhelmed to make timely, effective decisions?  Are you frustrated that you aren’t taking more strategic action?

In this 12-week program, you will receive the coaching required to identify your mental roadblocks and create the emotional fuel required to take productive, strategic action towards your business goals.

Stop wasting time spinning in indecision, guessing about the next right step for your business.  Sign up for this 12-week coaching program to create more simplicity, time, and profit in your business.

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Process Optimization Packages

Get ready to stop the operational chaos.

You have experienced rapid growth and your business operations are in disarray.  You are working more hours and seeing less revenue.  Customers, employees and suppliers are becoming frustrated and you are not meeting your strategic business goals.

These packages will give you a clear line of sight into your business operations, help you identify roadblocks and inefficiencies, and implement solutions quickly and effectively to create a solid business foundation.  With this clarity you will have the confidence to make the right decisions, in the right order, at the right time to help you scale your business to the next level.

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"Thank you for making my day that much easier to get through. I was feeling very stuck and you helped me to see the way out. You are gifted!"

"Thank you for taking the time out of the crazy to connect with me on a personal level. Your ability to listen and ask questions without judgement is astounding and quite frankly, impressive. Thank you for being a wonderful coach."

“You are a skilled coach and I'm so grateful for your ability to listen without judgement and then ask the right questions to grow my mindset and outlook. You bring so much meaningful and relevant insight to our conversations, all of which have challenged my perspective to improve my own approach to business, life, and relationships.”