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Have you ever found yourself in a negative thought loop that you can’t quite shake?  One way to gain some perspective is to write your thoughts down in a Thought Download.  James W. Pennebaker has done some fascinating research on the power of writing in support of our mental strength.  Click here to read more about it.  Scroll down for more information on how to do a Thought Download.

Clear the mental clutter


How to do a thought download

Write your thoughts, without censorship, on a piece of paper for at least 5 minutes.

If you are having trouble getting started, ask yourself ‘how do I feel right now?  Why?’

Unlike journaling, there is no chronology to this writing.  Simply write the thoughts as they come into your head.

When reviewing your writing, rather than a lens of ‘right and wrong’, look at your thoughts through a lens of ‘productive and non-productive’.  Ask yourself ‘is this thought serving me?  Do I want to continue thinking it?’


Questions to Ask Yourself

Take your Thought Download to the next level

What thoughts do you think most often?

What results do these thoughts create?

Is this what you want to be using your brain for?  Why or why not?

What thoughts are you ready to let go of?

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Now is the time to check out coaching with Kim


“If I have the belief that I can do it, I shall surely acquire the capacity to do it even if I may not have it at the beginning.”

Mahatma Gandhi

Kim will help you recognize the behaviours that are holding you back from reaching your goals and identify the tools that will help you build your future.
If you’re ready to build the life you’ve dreamt of, I would highly recommend talking to Kim. It is a life changing experience.


I think investing in a coach is something that stops people at first. The idea of, ‘why would I spend money to hire a coach to talk about how little money I have’. But we can't do everything alone. We need support especially around learning how to grow ourselves and grow our money. Having the knowledge of what informs your decisions about money is invaluable. Kim can really lock into a money story you have, assist in dissolving it, ultimately freeing you.


High performers such as Olympic athletes and corporate executives have coaches. Even coaches have coaches. Each of us have the instincts and insights to know what is the next best step for us intuitively, but we need someone to help us cut through the internal “chatter”, including the negative self-talk, the limiting beliefs, the fear, the guilt, and the anxiety. That is the real value of a life coach. I can help you do that.

Working one-on-one with a Productivity Coach can help you identify and attain your biggest goals.  Private coaching is customized to your unique situation and needs.  My clients experience significant breakthroughs that lead them to challenge their thinking and create remarkable results in their careers, relationships, and quality of life.

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