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I discovered the secret to life last night.
So dramatic.  😲
Ok, the secret to my life maybe.
I was reading a book called “Storyworthy”, by Matthew Dicks.
In it, he describes his process for reflecting upon his day and picking out ‘storyworthy’ moments. As I tried this last night, reflecting on my day, I realized that there were so many moments yesterday that were storyworthy.  At least to me.
Then this morning, as I was planning my day, I realized that every moment could contain a story.
So many opportunities for a meaningful moment in a single day. That’s when it hit me…

The moments are endless.

For those of us who struggle with time anxiety, this is profound.
We never feel like we have enough time. Time for what? It doesn’t matter. We are always rushing through life. Trying to get it ALL done. Trying to get to the place where we can relax, slow down and make meaningful moments.
What if we recognized that we are already making meaningful moments? That those moments are abundant.  Not just abundant, but endless…
How is this true for you?
It’s not a matter of making meaningful moments.  It’s about recognizing the ones we already have.
If you struggle with time anxiety, and thoughts of “too busy” or “not enough time”, I can help.  Sign up for your free coaching session today.