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In 2018 I enrolled in a monthly coaching membership program.   My thought at that time was that I would give it a try for a month or two to see what it was all about.

Fast forward 2 years later and I am still enrolled, still growing, and still experiencing profound transformation.

It is startling to me when I reflect back on the amount of personal growth that has occurred in that time.

Startling Results

Physical Health:
    • I lost 20 lbs in the first 3 months and have stayed at my ideal weight since that time!
    • From 1-2 drinks per night, to drinking socially once every couple of months.   I no longer have urges to drink alcohol.  I can take it or leave it, which results in more time, better sleep, and more energy.
    • From sleeping restlessly for 8-9 hours per night to sleeping deeply for 7-8 hours per night.  Waking up energized every morning.  Increased energy, better sleep, and more clarity.
More Time:
    • Quitting all media has resulted in less negativity and more reflection time.
    • Making better use of my time, more productive on tangible results, rather than wasting time on overwhelm.  Less overwhelm from to-do lists, with a better understanding of what’s important, and more focus.
    • Boundaries established regarding overworking.
Learning and Development:
    • Growing my annual income by 4%.
    • A new job in my area of expertise.  Increased opportunities for training in areas such as agile practices, leadership development, continuous improvement, coaching, mentoring, mental health, and motivation.
    • Started a new coaching business.  I went from a negative spiral of worry and anxiety, to a productive spiral of peace, calm, and clarity, and teaching others how to do the same.
    • Earned my Lean Green Belt certification.
    • Earned my Life Coaching certification.
Better Relationships:
    • Better listening, more empathy, and increased connection.
    • Better relationship with my mom.
    • Parenting – according to my daughter, I am less grumpy!  Funny girl.  I definitely feel more intentional and connected in our time together.
Mental and Emotional Strength:
    • From habitual negative self-talk to increased self-acceptance and compassion.  Increased self-esteem, reduced judgment and negative self-talk
    • Reduced people pleasing and perfectionism (which reduced guilt, frustration, anxiety, overwhelm, and negative spin).
    • Reduced procrastination, increased focus, and became more decisive.
    • Increased self-acceptance, personal responsibility, agency, with a less controlling mindset and less anxiety.
    • Increased emotional management and resilience.
    • Decreased anxiety, rumination, analysis paralysis, buffering with planning, passive action, and consumption vs creation.  Less anxiety means more energy because rumination is depleting, whereas decisiveness is energizing.
    • Increased self-confidence, I can handle most emotions.  Became President of the local Toastmasters Club and enhanced speaking with confidence.
    • Increased meditation, yoga, breathing, and significant reduction in my experience of stress and anxiety.
    • Overall enjoyment of life has gone from about 40% to about 80%.

How did I do it?

  • Prioritizing my self-care, I made an investment in myself.
  • Studying and learning the thought management and emotional resilience tools.  I now teach, and share these same tools with others.
  • Receiving the support of my coaches and coaching peers.
  • Daily practice.
  • Recognizing that all of my problems start with my thoughts.
  • Making this work a priority in my life.
  • Recognizing that it is a journey, and not a destination.


Why Causal Coaching?

  • Causal coaching starts with self-awareness, specifically ‘thought awareness’.  Tackling problems at the root cause, i.e. at the thought/emotional level, rather than at the behaviour level ensures long-term, sustainable results.
  • Tools to manage my thoughts.  Most programs focus on behavior management; this program focuses on thought management and emotional resilience.

I am so grateful for the impact that coaching has had on my life.

As I reflect back on the last two years, I am blown away by the amount of personal growth.  I  started out with a small goal that over time has blossomed into a full-blown transformation.

And the beautiful thing is that I get to keep going, learning, and changing.

“If you are not changing it, you are choosing it.”


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